Discover the lost Dockers Community of Sailortown

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My Belfast Walking Tour takes you on a stroll through Belfast’s most historic city streets to the once vibrant dock community of Sailortown.


On this unique walking tour through Belfast City centre you will hear about the people, places and events that shaped it into a global industrial city. Travel through the narrow Entries where city life began, soaking up the vibrancy and challenges of those who became part of its birth.


Listen to the stories of the people, rich and poor, who became part of Belfast's known and unknown history. See where a Jewish family commemorated their achievements, rivers flowed through city streets, printing presses brought news from Belfast to the world, great buildings were erected, small churches provided worship and people were hanged in public.


As you walk through Belfast’s city streets you'll hear about its Freemason Communities, the old bars that sprang up and still provide hospitality to this very day, stand in the smallest street stage in the world (allegedly), see the building where Belfast voted to abstain from the Slave Trade and see how one modern building reflects Belfast’s tenement history. Walk the old streets of Belfast's Docks Community, where the men and women who built this city lived and worked and were ultimately dispersed when it was demolished.


Meeting Point: Jaffe Public Fountain in front of Bittles Bar, Victoria Sq.

Map Plus Code: H3XG+98 Belfast


Finishing Point: McKenna's Bar, Dockers Corner

Map Plus Code: J35H+GQ Belfast


Schedule: Sun at 2pm

Cost: £10 per person (14 - 17 years olds half price)

Tour lasts approx 2 hours

Dog Friendly


This is not a physically demanding tour but I advise you to wear comfortable shoes and dress for the weather.


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Historical Belfast to Sailortown

A walk through time

People & Places

Hear the stories of the people that built this extraordinary city and the places they lived and worked.


Recall events which took place around old Belfast and the vibrant Dock Community of Sailortown.


Witness some of the remaining built heritage of the city and hear about those now gone.