Sailortown Tour

"This is a truly unique unique tour of a very special and forgotten place in Belfast.

You won't get this level of passion, knowledge, and authenticity anywhere else. Richard was a wonderful guide who made historical Belfast and the lost community of Sailortown come alive. If you are looking for something unique and off-the-beaten-track, this will be the best 2 hours of your trip! 5 Stars" (Emily Mannheimer, Netherlands)


"I had the honour of being part of this interesting journey along the great city of Belfast. Richard showed us around and it felt authentic (as in not typical tourist board or like everyone else does tour) and even like he really took us back in time little bit

there was enough time to have a better look at what he told or showed us no rush. I like that. when we had questions he was more then able to answer.. we really had a great time. if you want to dig in to the cities history or want to go on a not standard tour this is the place to be.looking forward to come back with friends so they can see for themselves.. and ending up in a nice pub with real locals was a nice ending as well. 5 Stars" (Dennis Buitenga, Dordrecht)


"I really enjoyed the tour with Richard. It was great to see some of the little gems of Belfast and wonderful areas that I never knew about and get some insights into the history of some of the pubs and buildings around the town. The tour gave me plenty of ideas for places to go back to and find out more about. Richard has a lovely laid back manner and is very easy to understand. 

I would love to do the tour again and I really enjoyed the new perspective on Belfast. 5 Stars" (Hannah McKee, Belfast)


"Very interesting tour and you can tell he truly loves the history of this city.

Learned a lot and he showed areas that I would have never noticed had history to them! 5 Stars"

Thanks! (Lauren Defelippis, Canada)


"Interesting tour between the city centre and one of the most significant areas of Belfast’s industrial history. I hope I can once organise a tour as great as this one, too! (I am a tour guide student). 5 Stars" (Guiseppe Cappelluti, Italy/Belfast)


"What a fantastic way to experience the little known part of Belfast that is Sailortown! What a vibrant interesting place it used to be and to think it’s almost gone without a trace! Thank you Richard for sharing with me some brilliant stories about my city! 5 stars" (Anna Jane Gale, Belfast)


"Really enjoyable tour! Starting in Belfast City centre the guide set the scene for how the port and Sailortown were intricately linked to the industrial development of the city! Excellent and informative tour, highly recommended! 5 stars" (Tim Kirkpatrick, Bangor/Belfast)


"I thoroughly enjoyed this tour. I've been on other tours of Belfast but this one was unique in terms of both content and delivery. Richard is an extremely knowledgeable guide who has clearly completed extensive research and delivers a very engaging tour. Loved that the tour included the Sailortown area - a very important, interesting and often overlooked element in the history of Belfast. Highly recommended tour. 5 stars" (Ashleigh)


"Just completed the tour with Richard and for a place I grew up in (as my gran lived in the area so spent most weekends there and in later years drank in many of the pubs in the area ), it opened my eyes to things that have always been there and I have never noticed around the city centre. It was really interesting and a very good steady pace. Would definitely recommend it to anyone from afar and from the area For someone not from Belfast or even Northern Ireland for that matter , the passion Richard has for our wee city and Sailortown in particular is very admirable. If only us locals were more passionate more of our history would be captured and kept as it should be with the modern hints coming in to help the areas but not take it over. He was very patient and listened to us recall our ow memories of places we grew up in and stories we had to tell. He also showed us new additions that we had completely missed and wouldn't have known about before hand. A big thank you Richard from me and mum. 5 Stars" (Toni C, Belfast)


"We loved the tour, very unique, personal and friendly experience. It was inspiring to meet someone so passionate about the history of the city and we learnt so much from him. An afternoon very well spent and we are excited for his next tour. 5 Stars" (Aideen, Belfast)

Belfast Historical Pub Tour

"An exceptional tour. Richard took me to four very interesting historic pubs in Belfast, and had such a wealth of knowledge to share at each location, as well as numerous tips on other pubs and places of interest to visit. I was in fact the only one on the tour for the evening, but in spite of this Richard stayed on at the last pub long past the scheduled end time. I can't recommend his tour enough! 5 stars" (Marc, Netherlands)

"We had a fantastic time on this tour! Richard could not have been more knowledgeable. He took us to a variety of pubs as well which we loved. We highly recommend this tour to anyone who wants a good pint with a little history behind it. 5 stars" (Hayley, Canada)

"This is a must if you come to Belfast! Richard is knowledgeable, welcoming and interesting, he was able to answer all of our questions. We visited a great range of pubs and learnt a lot about the area and the tour did not feel at all rushed. We thoroughly enjoyed it! 5 stars" (Vicki, USA)

"Absolutely wonderful. Richard is very welcoming and openly shares his genuine passion and knowledge of Belfast. He puts individual thought and consideration into each tour to customise and personalise the best experience. A nice mix of history and bringing it to the present while adding tidbits of people and culture throughout. Really loved it and would highly recommend. 5 stars" (Rebekah, Australia)

"Just One evening in Belfast to get a feeling for the city and learn some history Resulted in our taking this tour. Unexpectedly informative and participatory we learned a lot and enjoyed some of Belfast’s best new and old pubs guided by an Expert historian and lover of Belfast. Both my husband and I enjoyed this experience very much and hope to return for a custom tour our next time to town. 5 stars" (Victoria, USA)

"Richard was great! We discovered pubs with historical insight which we never would have done on our own. He really knew so much about Belfast and the pubs we visited. It was one of my favorite days in our vacation. I only wish we would have started our time in Belfast with this tour, we could have revisited these places throughout our stay. But we had it booked for the last night. Thank you Richard for a great memory! 5 stars" (Holly, USA)

"Highly recommend! Great introduction to Belfast, learning some interesting history and getting our bearings at the same time. We will never look at the "established in" dates on pubs in quite the same way again! Thanks Richard for a fun walk around your town. 5 stars" (Ra, New Zealand)